Friday, December 10, 2010

Giving Back...

Do you make contributions to several charities throughout the year, and then have to go through a ton of files to find the tax receipts at the end of the year?  Stephen Paletta, the winner of Oprah’s Big Give, has developed a website making it so much easier to keep track of donations AND earn money for donations through online shopping!  This website,, was built to make everyone a big giver.

Registration is easy and takes only a minute or two.  You can either log into your facebook account to register, or you can create a username and password.  The verification e-mail comes right away, and your account is created!  You even start out with $5.00 for the charity of your choice!  Searching for a charity is simple.  I chose the Colon Cancer Alliance, because my father was recently diagnosed with colon cancer.  You will soon be able to create your own charity for raising money, which would be great for local charities.  You can add your own money to your account, others can add money to your account or you can use the SHOPPING feature to have money added to your account.  I love to shop online, so this is one of my favorite features.  There are over 400 participating merchants right now, and I'm sure more will be added.  You can earn up to 15% cash back on your purchases, though most merchants offer 2-4% cash back.  For more information about the site, watch this video:


There are so many worthy charities out there who need our donations to keep running.  I hope you'll check out GiveBack and donate to a charity that means something to you.

*I received no compensation for this post.  I learned of through my membership with One2One Network.*

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