Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Update on my life

I haven't been around much in a while, but I hope to change that.  I had an absolutely fabulous cruise wedding on August 19th and married my soulmate.  We had a beautiful ceremony and reception, and went on an 8 day cruise to Puerto Rico, St. Thomas and Grand Turk.  We were blessed to have a group of 19 of us on the cruise, including my parents and brother. who hadn't been on a vacation in 16 years.  My brother is only 19, so he didn't even remember ever going on a vacation.  Soon after we returned, in early October, my dad was sent to the emergency room in severe pain.  Just a few days later, he was diagnosed with colon cancer.  It had already spread to his liver by that time.  His doctors couldn't understand why it wasn't caught sooner.  He has ulcerative colitis, so he goes for regular colonoscopies.  Everything happens for a reason though, and we thank God that he was healthy and able to enjoy my wedding and the cruise vacation before being diagnosed.  Dad spent 3 weeks in the hospital, had surgery to remove the tumor in his colon and is now home undergoing chemotherapy every other week.  His doctors are optimistic, and we are praying and keeping his spirits up.

My mom hasn't been feeling well lately, and since diabetes runs in our family (her dad and brother both had it, and she had gestational diabetes when she was pregnant with my brother), the doctor told her to check her blood sugar 3 times a day.  It has been running high, and she will probably have to go for glucose test after seeing the doctor on Monday.  I'm still dealing with migraines and vasovagal syncope, and hoping to find some kind of natural remedy for them so I can get some relief without having to stay on the meds I'm on.  My husband and I want to have kids, and I'll have to go off of the meds completely before we can even start trying.

It's all frustrating and exhausting, but I know God wouldn't give us more than we can handle.  We're a strong family, and we'll get through it.

Here's some pics from our wedding!